The Studio

Alex Garcia "Gaaraleiko"

2D Artist, Animator, Writer.

“Writing stories for videogames and animation is the way I travel. I am always discovering new worlds.”
Favorite Franchises: Halo, CIV and Battlefield.

Daniel Tamayo "Dano"

Marketing, PR.

"I believe video games can change lives in a good way and make you find a purpose, I want to help you find yours"
Favorite Franchises: Monster hunter, Resident Evil, Dark Souls and WoW

Grecia Gonzalez "Shia"

2D Artist, Animator.

"You can grow up by facing something new everyday, even small steps will lead to your goal."
Favorite Games: Dandelion, Hakuouki, Nameless, Mystic Messenger

John Devries "Cheesy"

2D Artist, Animator, Pixel Fanboy.

"I love pixels and pixels love me"
Favorite Franchises: Megaman, Portal and Shovel Knight

Walter Garcia "WalGallen"

Programmer, Writer.

"Video games changed my life so I want to give all the love back to the industry and its people"
Favorite Franchises: Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Guitar Hero, Ace Attorney and more...

Reach for the Stars

Our Story

It was the year 2014...
Three friends suddenly realized they had the skills to make a videogame and felt the urge to do it, they recruited more friends and started their journey to greatness.
The days went by and problems arised, a lot of the people lost the passion and some of them never even had it from the start, they abandonded the project and only two of them remained, but it was too ambicious for them so they put the project on hiatus until they could aquire enough skill to make it as ambicious as they wanted.
Meanwhile, In another part of the country... A young man with ambition and hope for greatness felt the pain of betrayal and despair when he was left alone only with his project and recently aquired programming skills.
It was until the three of them started working on a mobile game studio that they met each other and more people who wanted to make videogames and joined forces.
And so... a new era of Skylight begun.

Personal Info

Videogames are not the only thing we can do. Motion + is a motion graphics service by Skylight Studios.